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This policy provides explanation and clarity for the college and its provision sub-contractors.  West Kent and Ashford College has a range of supply-chain fees and charges with sub-contractors depending on the type and size of contract. These are agreed with the sub-contractor in the negotiation stage of the contract and are subject to due-diligence and a risk assessment. They are also dependent on agreed success rates and volume measures.

This policy provides transparency for all sub–contractors, funding bodies and other associated parties or individuals regarding the procurement, due diligence process, support and charging rationale related to sub-contracted provision under West Kent and Ashford College’s direct contract with the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

The College endeavours to minimise the risk within the supply chain by ensuring that sub-contractors working with the College offer high quality provision that is responsive to communities, learners and employers.

West Kent and Ashford College:

  • Recognises the benefits that effective subcontracting can bring to extending the accessibility of provision for students and thereby contribute to the economic prosperity and stability of our neighbouring local communities. 
  • Uses subcontractors to widen participation amongst student groups that it would otherwise be "hard to reach" and other individuals that face barriers to participation in learning and work. 
  • Uses subcontractors as appropriate to fill gaps in, and to extend the breadth of its provision: for example, through widening the range of apprenticeship delivery offered to employers and students and broadening the range of sector subject areas or business sectors that can be covered.