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Musical Theatre Show (Into The Woods)

Date: 05 Jun 2018 Time: 19:30 - 21:30

This epic fantasy musical, written by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, weaves the tales of much loved and much familiar fairy-tale legends into a new and exciting adventure. All set to a sumptuous score of complex, soaring and unforgettable melodies. The action takes place in a newly imagined world where all your beloved fairy-tale characters live in the one universe…and why shouldn’t they? – if Marvel and Disney can do it, why not give the same treatment to the works of Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson.

Into the woods we go to follow Little Red, Jack, Cinderella, The Baker and his Wife as they all strive for the prizes they crave. The quest for your dreams, in the land where wishes come true, is not without its dangers, however. Along the way they will have to deal with Wolves, Witches and even Princes leave their mark for a moment. Happy endings are not always ever after; It’s together that they find purpose and truth to learn that no one is alone…just don’t forget, there are giants in the sky….

Student Group: Musical Theatre Level 3 Year 2
Date: Tuesday 5th June 2018
Time: 7:30pm
Where: Media Arts Centre (MAC), West Kent College, Brook Street, Tonbridge, TN9 2PW
Price: £5 on the door

Please call us on 01732 358101 for more information.

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