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Apprenticeships Advice
For Employers

West Kent College can help you to develop your workforce so that they have the skills they need for today’s challenging workplace. Our programmes can be tailored to fit your business needs, which ensures that the apprentice will learn skills that are applicable to their role within your organisation.

To discuss your requirements in detail, please call 01732 372888 or email the apprenticeships team.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are work-based vocational training with some government funding attached.  Apprentices must have a contract of employment with your organisation, with their training taking place through a day or block release programme at West Kent College.

Apprentices are paid for their time in the workplace and whilst they are training. They are employed by your business and are entitled to the same employee rights and benefits as other people in the business.  We encourage employers to pay above the apprentice rate. Once the apprenticeship has been completed the apprentice will have both a recognised qualification and experience within their chosen field.

An apprenticeship can be started at any time of year. Once an applicant has registered their details with West Kent College, we will notify you about the start date

Programmes typically take a minimum of a year to complete, but some programmes can take up to two or three years, depending on the specialism of the apprenticeship.

They will work to achieve either a Level 2 or 3 qualification in the specialism you have chosen, with some programmes progressing onto a higher level including degree apprenticeships.

There is no cost to the prospective apprentice when undertaking the apprenticeship. As the employer considering the apprenticeship route, you should first determine whether you're a Levy payer, or not.  If you are, you will need to meet the agreed training costs through your digital account.  If you do not have a digital account, and you have more than 49 employees on your payroll, you will pay 5% of the agreed training costs.  If you have 49 or fewer employees on your payroll, and your apprentice is aged 19+, you will pay 5% co-investment of the agreed training costs. Small business support (for those companies with fewer than 49 employees) is available for organisations recruiting 16-18 year olds, which means the training is fully-funded by the government.  

Employers who recruit an apprentice aged 16-18 will be eligible for an employer incentive payment. The incentive payment is triggered at 90 days and 365 days after the apprentice start date.  Each payment is £500.00.

This incentive payment is conditional on the apprentice remaining in learning and in employment.