Student rolling dough with a rolling pin while learning to bake

Entry 1 Skills for Independence & Work

  • CODE
    Full time
    1 Year
    College Certificate
  • Free tuition for students under 19 on 31 August prior to start date
  • Advanced Learner Loans available to students aged 19 or over
By studying this foundation learning course at West Kent College, you will develop your independence and work-related skills in a vocational environment.

The course will enable you to study subjects you enjoy whilst gaining a practical understanding of the vocational options.

Through practical experience within the College you will gain an in-depth understanding of the skills needed to develop independence and confidence. Your course will be linked with the outcomes in your Education, Health and Care Plan. Supported work-related learning or placements will enhance your employability skills development including English, mathematics and ICT.

Successful students can progress at their own pace within a RARPA based Foundation Learning programme to the next level and have the opportunity to specialise within an area that they enjoy. Alternatively, they can explore employment or supported employment opportunities within the industry.


This course is designed for students who have an interest in the vocational sector. As part of the study programme you will be offered a meeting to discuss the support and intervention you may require to successfully access your course.