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Diploma in Dental Nursing Level 3

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    City & Guilds of London Institute
What is the course?

The course is provided through City & Guilds allowing a dental nurse to register with General Dental Council once completed.

To achieve the Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing, learners will need to complete 11 mandatory units by building a portfolio of evidence. They will also be required to pass four topic specific examinations as they progress.

Evidence methods used will include written evidence such as written questions and candidate statements, reflective accounts/journals and holistic methods such as observations and simulations. Learners will be appointed an assessor, who is registered with the General Dental Council, and who will support trainees to meet C&G criteria.

Observations will allow for learners to naturally evidence knowledge and understanding without additional work. They will be required to look at City and Guilds Dental Nurse Standards to ensure the necessary learning outcomes are met.

At every taught session there will be a delivery method of underpinning knowledge on a different topic, related to the dental profession. Each topic will require a workbook to be completed relating to that session. Written evidence should be completed in blue or black ink only, using correct terminology and language. Please remember this is professional evidence, and it is important to display work to the best of the learners ability.

The four unit set examinations will be timetabled throughout the qualification allowing for delivery of the underpinning knowledge and revision sessions. Entry will be subject to learners meeting the necessary criteria and completing the required units within their portfolio.

When the qualification is achieved a trainee dental nurse will be able to register as a Dental Nurse with the General Dental Council and look at further career progression.

All applicants will need to be employed as trainee dental nurses prior to course enrolment to achieve the qualification.

What topics will be covered?

Dental topics covered will include Health and Safety and Legislations surrounding you the trainee dental nurse, and will also look at Control of Infection practice and delve into different micro-organisms and diseases.

We will look at the dental nurse's role and impact that can be made to increase a patients care, the support provided to the patient and the dentist as well as other team members.

Throughout the course learners will develop a Professional Development Plan and actively start their dental career with various training programmes and support. Here they will be encouraged to uncover their learning styles and set personal and professional goals.

Treatments carried out in the dental environment will be delivered with practical tasks, such as mixing of impression materials; and will cover dental assessment, oral health education, dental radiography, caries and restorations, periodontal disease, fixed and removable prosthesis, endodontic treatments, with extraction and minor oral surgery.


Learners are to be enrolled on the course for 18 months, and timetabled sessions set over 9 months. Trainee dental nurses are expected to gain their qualification within this time.

This course is very intense and a lot of written evidence is required to be completed on a weekly basis.

All course assignments set are required to be handed in for the next taught session; this is to stop learners from becoming behind with work load, which would ultimately result in not completing the necessary units by the deadline set.

It is important for all taught sessions to be attended so that valuable information is not missed and again result in the learner falling behind.


If deadlines are not met the assessor and course tutor will discuss the matter with learners individually, they will also contact employers. Ultimately, they will be unable to let the situation continue and may have to consider transferring learners to another course to allow time to improve or look at withdrawing the trainee completely. This is not a situation they or the college take lightly and it is only in extreme cases that this occurs. But it is important to remember that learners will be training for a professional qualification and this time in study to become a qualified and registered dental nurse is the start of their career.
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Applicants must be aged 16 or over. They must be employed in a dental setting for a minimum of 30 hours a week (including work and College). Ideally applicants should have at least 4 GCSEs at grade C or above, including Mathematics, English, ICT or science.

All applicants will be individually interviewed and assessed.