Access to Higher Education (Combined Science)

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    Full time
    1 Year
    Laser Learning Awards
  • Free tuition for students under 19 on 31 August prior to start date
  • Advanced Learner Loans available to students aged 19 or over
Access opens doors to university and study for a higher education course when you want a change in career direction.

This pathway helps you progress to engineering and science based university courses such as dietetics, engineering, ophthalmic dispensing or pharmacy.

Study skills will prepare you for higher education with the essential skills of writing essays and making oral presentations, as well as other academic requirements such as note-taking, researching, revision and examination techniques.

IT is a compulsory module, which will develop your IT skills so that you can work effectively and confidently with spreadsheets.

All students produce a portfolio of work built throughout the course and formal assessments throughout the year, which may include (dependent on subjects chosen): essays, presentations, coursework, experiment reports, and timed in-class exercises.

The course prepares you for university and is recognised by all UK universities.

Subjects include Biology, Chemistry, Physics
(9 credits) and Maths (9 credits)
Advanced Learner Loan Awaiting


You need to be over 19 and have a desire to study at university level.

You will need GCSE maths and ideally Science for the Combined Science pathway (or equivalent qualification translated by NARIC).

You will be invited to an interview where any entry criteria for your chosen pathway will be discussed with you on an individual basis.