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A-Level Media Studies

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    Full time
    2 Years
    WJEC (Formerly Welsh Joint Education Committee)
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  • Advanced Learner Loans available to students aged 19 or over
A-Level Media Studies is ideal for anyone who is interested in the world of communication and arts, from newspapers and magazines through to film and television. You will, as part of the course, examine the media industry and different media products, analyse the audiences and explore contemporary issues and debates.

Year 1

• Media products
• Industries and audiences (advertising, film, music video, newspapers, radio and video games)
• Media forms and products (television, magazines, advertising, newspapers, radio, music videos and online media)
• Production coursework: Cross media production (television, advertising, magazines and online media)

Year 2

• Follows a similar structure to year 1; studying new media products and further developing theoretical frameworks.

This course is assessed through examination and coursework.

The course will offer five and a half hours of teaching a week.

However students will be expected to complete homework and work on their coursework in their own time.

Students will gain key research and analytical skills.

They will learn to work independently and in teams.

Students will learn practical creative skills in various media forms and gain a broad knowledge and understanding of all areas of the media.

Students will learn how to research and present work both in written form and verbally.

Students will learn how produce their own creative media productions using various digital media equipment

Upon completing this course you will be equipped to move on to university, a higher apprenticeship or work. A-Level Media Studies is ideal if you wish to progress into journalism, television or film, PR and marketing and research industries.

There is no specific equipment needed.

A reading list will be provided for the students.

Students will be selected through an application form and an interview

The course is taught by experienced staff who have a diversity of theoretical interests and creative skills.

The course has two main areas of study, one which is theory based and involves the study and analysis of various media texts, from television entertainment programmes to print advertisements. This work will be assessed through an examination.

The other part of the course is practical coursework, which can involve producing film trailers, a music video to producing film posters. This is taught through a workshop environment.

The course also involves a research element in which the students work independently on a topic of their choice.

Apart from giving students a greater understanding of the media this course involves many key employability skills, such as research skills, analytical skills, the ability to argue and present material verbally and the ability to work independently and within a team.

The course has very good resources including two photography/ television studios, digital cameras and computers with the latest digital editing and graphics software.

The college and the course has Moodle, a virtual learning resource where lesson power points and additional resources are available.

We are mainly seeking students who have an interest in all areas of the media from film to computer games.

Students should be interested in analysing media texts in order to understand how they are constructed and what meanings are being produced within these texts.

Media studies will appeal to someone who is interested in the impact of media on the social and political environment. The course will also interest prospective students who want to explore the media creatively and gain practical creative skills.

This course can lead directly to a career in the media or higher education courses involving media, communications and production.

The course also gives a good foundation for any career which involves research and analysis.

Throughout the course we will go on trips to various media institutions and media study days at The British Film Institute in order to give students as wide an experience of the media as possible.
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You will need five GCSEs at Grade C/4 or above (including English Language and Mathematics and Grade B/6 or above in a related subject).