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A-Level Psychology

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A-Level Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour, exploring different explanations of human behaviours. Satisfy your interest as to the explanations of choices and actions.

This interesting and challenging course will introduce you to the human brain, the body and how they influence or are influenced by our behaviours. You will learn about human memory; about how attachments are made in infancy and the impact this can have in adulthood.

The course explores biological and psychological explanations of different pathologies (OCD, depression and phobias), as well as examining the reasons why people conform or obey social norms.

You will also explore topics such as relationships, aggression, and stress.

Year 1

• Social influence
• Memory
• Attachment
• Approaches in psychology
• Psychopathology
• Research methods

Year 2

• Relationships
• Stress
• Aggression
• Issues and debates in psychology

A-Level Psychology is a two-year linear program, with students sitting three examinations at the end of the course. These three examinations will form the A-Level grade. Throughout the two years students will receive regular assessments in the style of the examination. Additionally, students can expect to be assessed through activities in the lesson. All work will be assessed against examination board standards with all work receiving feedback.

Upon completing this course you will be equipped to move on to university, a higher apprenticeship or work. A-Level Psychology is a perfect foundation for careers in business, marketing, social services, health and education.

• Students will be expected to purchase the recommended year one textbook. It is beneficial for students to have two lever-arch folders and file dividers to keep lesson material organised.
• In year two students will required to purchase the recommended second year textbook and one lever-arch folder with file dividers.
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You will need five GCSEs at Grade C/4 or above (including English Language and a B/6 in Mathematics and Grade B/6 or above in a related subject).