Catering student smiling while presenting a plate of food for serving in The Artisan Restaurant

Apprenticeship (Advanced) Chef de Partie Level 3 (Standard)

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    College Certificate
A chef de partie is responsible for running a specific section of the kitchen, for example sauces, meat, fish or pastries. This type of chef usually manages a small team of workers, which they must keep organised so that dishes go out on time and the work area remains clean and orderly. However, in smaller kitchens a chef de partie may work independently as the only person in their section. Also known as a station or section chef, the chef de partie reports to the senior chef and has a very important role in any kitchen.

At the chef de partie level apprentices are expected to prepare, cook and serve complex dishes in their observations, and record complex dishes in their log. The complexity may manifest itself in any or all of the following:

• the raw ingredient and the preparation methods required, for example advanced butchery
• the number or combination of preparation, cooking and finishing methods
• the combinations of flavours, tastes and ingredients
• the preparation and care taken to avoid errors with technical processes, for examplen ensuring a Béarnaise sauce does not split
• the precision with which preparation, cooking and service is executed
• the tools and equipment required to produce the dish to the required standard

Progression from this apprenticeship is expected to be into a senior culinary chef role.

The apprentice will be assessed to the apprenticeship standard using four complementary assessment methods:

• Two hour multiple-choice exam
• Culinary challenge project and observation
• Design a three dish by three course menu in line with the organisation’s standards, current industry trends and costings
• Professional discussion

The minimum duration will typically be 18 months to complete.

You will need, as a minimum, GCSE grades 9-4 in maths and English.