Music student on stage singing and playing guitar


Our Music courses are designed for those wanting to perform or stay behind the scenes, giving you plenty of opportunities to be involved in gigs across the year at a variety of different venues.

The delivery of the courses also focuses on realistic and relevant progression to give you the best start in your future career. Whether you want to be a Musician, DJ, Live Sound Engineer, Music Producer, Music Promotions Manager, Music Teacher, Music Therapist, Radio Assistant or Studio Sound Engineer; the jobs and roles available within the music industry are varied and skilled.

There is extensive access to well-equipped rehearsal rooms and a digital composition suite, in order to support your studies.

You will work with supportive and inspirational staff, who are all active professionals in the music industry. They will work closely with you to ensure that you develop the personal skills and confidence to be able to progress into university or employment.

Our aim is to give you the best preparation for your career or further studies and to make sure that you achieve at your highest possible level.