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Help with Childcare Costs

The cost of childcare does not need to be a barrier to your learning. Through government-run schemes, support is available.

Students aged 19 years and below on the 31st August 2019, may be able to access the Care to Learn scheme.

For those students aged 20 and over, funds can pay for childcare costs up to maximum limit of £5440. For more information please contact Student Support.

Please note: the contract for childcare is between the student and the childcare provider. The College will not be liable for any outstanding monies, or other issues relating to the contract.

Applications should be submitted with essential documentary evidence:

  • A completed Financial Support Application Form with all required documentary evidence of household income.
  • Birth Certificate or Passport or Adoption papers for relevant children.
  • Registered Childcare Providers’ Certificate with Ofsted Number.
  • Details of your Course Timetable (your tutor will have a copy of this).
  • Headed letter with weekly costs of childcare required and if applicable the Government funded hours.
  • The name, address, email address and contact details of the manager/supervisor at the childcare provider.
  • Invoices will need to be provided to Student Support each month in order to continue receiving funding

Please note that the college will contact the childcare providers on a regular basis regarding attendance at nursery.

Supplementary Information Relating to Funding for Childcare

  • Childcare costs will be paid for the period from first day of attendance up to last day of attendance on course, subject to actual attendance. Bank Holidays/College holidays cannot be funded.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to immediately notify both their Childcare Provider and Student Support of any changes in attendance requirement at College.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to immediately notify Student Support of any changes in their personal circumstances which might affect their eligibility for funding.
  • If a student’s timetable changes and this results in changes to childcare costs (up or down), a funding award cannot be changed without full re-assessment and approval. Students must re-apply for extra funding, but due to demand for funds at the start of the year extra funding may not be available after October.
  • If a student is overpaid childcare funds, the student will be required to repay the College.
  • The student is liable and responsible for all Childcare Provider costs incurred; any agreement or contract is between the student and the childcare provider.
  • If the student’s children are eligible for free Government funding, the College will fund the cost of childcare after these free hours have been deducted.
  • Payment of childcare funds will be paid as 10 monthly instalments via BACs into the student’s bank account.