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Help with Travel Expenses

Students who live more than two miles away from the College, may be eligible for funding to contribute to travel costs while they are at College.

If you are not eligible for the Kent 16+ Travelcard, you will receive funding to you by BACs based on the cost of a 4-weekly/monthly ticket. The maximum funding given for travel for the academic year is £1500. This will take into consideration the use of any discounts available – please see Student Support for further information on travel discounts.

If you’re aged 16 or 17 you can apply for the 16-17 Saver railcard which can offer you 50% off train fares. Please see the following website for more information:

Kent County Council 16+ Travel Saver

There are changes to the application and payment process for KCC 16+ Travel Saver for the September 2019-20 academic year.

From 3rd June 2019 applications and payments for KCC 16+ Travel Saver must be made directly to KCC online at: Application and payment for the bus pass need to be received by KCC (whether made online or by post) by 14th July in order for the pass to be available to collect at College at the start of term. Any applications and payments made to KCC after the 14th July will take six weeks to process and travel to College must be self-funded until the bus pass arrives.

For more information about the KCC 16+ Travel Saver, including eligibility criteria, please see: 

All bus passes are sent by KCC to the College Student Support department at their campus and can be collected during the advertised opening times. Where a bus pass is not received by the start of term, the student must make arrangements to fund their travel until the pass is received.

Students applying for financial support to contribute to the cost of the bus pass need to make an application for this in addition to completing the financial support application form. We require written confirmation that you have applied for the Travel Saver. You can pay online, via KCC in full or spread the cost in monthly instalments with their new direct debit option. If you are eligible for financial support, you will receive funding for the Travel Saver over monthly installments. It is the student and parent/carer’s responsibility to make an application and payment and any delay will add to the time it takes for the Travel Saver to arrive at College.

If applicants are unable to pay for the Travel Saver in advance, they should apply for financial support as soon as possible and their application will be assessed and processed once they have enrolled and begun their course.

If you receive financial support for your travel card and you withdraw from your course at any time during the year you are required to inform Student Support.

Students applying for a KCC 16+ Travel Saver later in the academic year should speak to a member of Student Support for further support and guidance.

If you are aged 16-21 and in care or a care leaver registered with Kent County Council or a young carer aged 16-18 you are eligible to receive a KCC Travel Saver.