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Student Stories

Damien Batchelor

Hospitality and Professional Cookery Apprenticeship

Transcription of video

I think employing apprentices is beneficial because you get someone who is keen, who wants to learn, they're coming into the industry with complete new look on it. They haven't got any pre-conceptions. They're coming with a positive attitude and they're willing to listen and do what you need them to do. And you can shape them and work with them and develop them into the chef and the employee you want, which I find really good. I've been through the process myself, I started as an apprentice many years ago, so I kind-of know how it works. So I have personal experience so I can use that to help guide them and develop them in a way that I feel helped me. So I think it is a beneficial thing.

Apprentice, Damien
I've just been promoted to a Chef de partie, so I run my own section, well actually, I do a different section every day and I cover people when they're on their days off, so I do a bit of everything. A bit of pastry and some service, prep, everything.

He's been a year doing his NVQ and he's just taken in so much, learnt so much, and developed his skills. I've worked with him and he's done above and beyond the requirements of the course as well as he's so keen to learn. Obviously I've got quite a lot of experience I can bring in and do special training days with him and stuff like that. He's just soaked it up like a sponge really. To think what he was like when he first started working with me to know, it's just a massive jump. It's great.

I've just been promoted to a Chef de partie, so I run my own section.