Aerial photograph from a plane of the Brook Street campus

Student Stories

Stella Trench

HND Photography


I entered the formal study of photography later in life, after a career in financial services.  Photography was a hobby, albeit a lifelong hobby. During the course, I have learned a lot about the advanced practical aspects of photography, for example revisiting film techniques, as well as new topics for me, such as studio lighting and video techniques. I had not considered myself to be particularly creative, but have found new creativity to frame images in different ways. I have really enjoyed the academic and theoretical side of the course.

The study of photography encompasses social and economic history, art, and art history. This has further developed my interest in visual culture and encouraged me to visit galleries for inspiration and ideas. The second year has been about consolidating and using the techniques from the first year and deciding where my strengths lie to develop a practice that is reflective of those strengths and interests. I am currently pursuing projects that capture existing and disappearing topographies and the changing environment. The tutors have been very supportive, providing many opportunities for 1:1 tutorials and mentoring that have helped me considerably.  To be able to talk through work and ideas helps to focus and improve the final work.

When I have completed the HND I plan to undertake the BA (Hons) Photography (Top Up) programme at West Kent College. After that, I am interested in developing a fine art and editorial practice.

To be able to talk through work and ideas helps to focus and improve the final work.