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If you’ve not yet applied for your place at university this year, or didn’t quite get the grades that you needed for your chosen place, then don’t worry – clearing gives you another opportunity!

Available between July and September, each year thousands of students secure their higher education place and start studying for their degree.

How does it work?

It’s important to remember that Clearing is a competitive process – so do your research early and be prepared to act fast on results day.  You also don’t need to apply for the same type of course as you originally did, although you may need to clarify with whichever university you choose why you want to change direction.

Once you’ve found a course that is of interest, you’ll need to call them (some colleges and universities – such as ourselves – have a dedicated number for this).  Here, at West Kent College, depending on the grades you have achieved, we will offer you a place on the course straight away or offer a suitable alternative.  You will then need to log-in to your UCAS Track system and add us as the institution of choice.

Who can use Clearing?

Clearing is open to you if:

  • You have not received any offers
  • You have declined your offers or not responded by the due date
  • Your offers have not been confirmed because you have not met the conditions (e.g. you have not achieved the required grades)
  • You have declined a changed course, a changed date of entry and/or changed point of entry offer
  • You applied for one course which has been declined/unsuccessful and you have paid the full application fee
  • UCAS received your application after 30 June. If UCAS received your application after this date, they will not have sent it to any universities and colleges

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